Patented aircraft Fuel Technology: Saves time and money by utilizing real-time fuel-efficient technology!

Patented technology utilizing real-time data to lower your trip costs and carbon emissions!

Save valuable time and money with real-time data

Quickly and accurately determine lowest cost trip routes

Get results in less than 15 seconds!

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Flight Analyzer Software

New fuel-efficient technology
leads to lowest trip costs and reduced carbon emissions!

Our technology is much more than searching for the lowest fuel prices at the FBO's; as our multifaceted software modules eliminates the complicated task of searching for the lowest fuel price at each leg of the trip with the goal to minimize the total cost of fuel for the entire trip. By using real-time data, our intuitive FlightAnalyzer modules are seamlessly working in the background to determine the lowest trip cost and fastest route by constantly filtering over raw data and with a complex array of algorithms; then, displays the results in less than 15 seconds.

The AMS Advantage