The AMS Advantage

Aviation Technology
  • Real-Time patented aircraft fuel optimization software
  • Non-biased multi-stop fuel optimization technology
  • Calculates and tracks carbon footprints/ carbon neutrality
  • Technology developed for Domestic & International travel
  • Easy-to-use software applications with built-in overrides to quickly change trip profile
  • Designed for, pilots, flight departments, management companies & air charter operators
  • Flexible, web and smartphone software to quickly change trip routes on-the-go
  • Displays each trip leg and multi-stop trip route by lowest trip cost and fastest route and savings
  • Software puts the decisions where it should be - in the hands of the user
  • Applies to FAR Part 91 and Part 135 operators
  • Routing for fuel optimization; carbon emissions; price comparisons; fuel depots
  • Built-in defaults with users aircraft registration number specs and performance data
  • Displays tankering opportunities - displays potential fuel savings and suggested fuel upload
  • Fuel price comparison module - quickly checks what FBO's has the lowest pricing
  • Ability to automatically adjust our markup/markdown to remain competitive - not lose a sale
  • Fuel depots located strategically for better pricing/with in-and-out features
  • Halo Search - used as a pricing comparison tool by FBO's