AMS Fuel Solutions (AMS) was formed out of the absolute necessity as our client’s constant search for a more accurate and easier method for computing the lowest trip costs and carbon emissions when planning their trip routes. In truth, the task became more challenging when flight-planning for trips that required the aircraft to make multi-stop trip legs; as it involved more data which was constantly changing; so more often than not, the accuracy of the calculations were compromised and required updates along the route.

Typically, as aircraft owners and operators add aircraft to meet the increasing demand for domestic and international travel, at some point in time, they too are faced with the ongoing struggle to lower their trip costs and carbon emissions. Time and again, those who best control their costs of fuel, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions, determine the difference between success and failure.

It is this void that our patents have filled.

AMS Mission

At AMS, we are constantly working to improve our technology and international capabilities - all of which reinforce our vision of providing the lowest fuel costs and most fuel-efficient solutions for the owners and operators of business and private aircraft. It is through our patented real-time technology that our solutions support our core values of minimizing the impact on the environment by conserving fuel and reducing carbon emissions.

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